Who Invented The Griddy? The Origin of the Griddy Dance

Thanks to the creative zest of Allen Davis, the Griddy has come a long way since it blossomed in the heart of Louisiana in the mid-2010s.

But who actually popularized the Griddy? And why on earth is it the go-to celebration for countless football players?

Who Invented the Griddy?

Central to the Griddy dance is the innovative spirit of Allen Davis, a Louisiana native with a gift for rhythm.

A close companion to former LSU wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase, Davis found his muse in the Nae Nae dance wave, morphing it into a pre-game hype ritual within a quaint high school weight room.

The moment he shared the Griddy dance on Snapchat marked the ignition of a dance phenomenon, which gracefully leaped through the high schools of New Orleans, onto the college football turf, and eventually, onto the grand NFL stage.

What is the Griddy, Though?

The Griddy transcends mere dance; it is accentuated by a playful heel-centric bounce, accompanied by the swinging of one’s arms with iconic moves like “shoot your stick” and “throw your b’s.” 

The Griddy has spurred numerous dance aficionados to mimic its groove, with Davis himself stepping into the role of a tutor through tutorials, ensuring the Griddy legacy flourishes just right.

Where Did the Griddy Originate From?

The humble weight room of Landry Walker High School was the cradle for the Griddy’s inception. Here, Davis and his dynamic teammates would unveil the Griddy, channeling their pre-game enthusiasm into rhythm. The magical Snap that Davis shared set forth a whirlwind dance journey, initially captivating the local high school football scene before morphing into a nationwide marvel.

Why is the Griddy So Famous?

The Griddy pirouetted into the limelight when LSU’s wide receiver Justin Jefferson embraced it as his touchdown celebration during a 2019 clash against the Texas Longhorns. Its popularity soared as Jefferson escorted it into the NFL, revolutionizing touchdown celebrations.

The Griddy resonated not just among the gridiron warriors; its rhythmic allure and playful vibe have endeared it to the masses, evolving into a sort of dance anthem.

Timeline of the Popularity of the Griddy

Mid-2010s: Allen Davis creates the Griddy dance inspired by the Nae Nae dance.

2017: The Griddy dance starts gaining traction on social media platforms.

2019: Justin Jefferson popularizes the Griddy dance during a football game between LSU and Texas Longhorns.

2020: Justin Jefferson continues to perform the Griddy dance in the NFL; 

Late 2020: The dance is included as an emote in the video game “Fortnite.”

Early February 2023: The phrase “Hit the Griddy” becomes popularized through a viral TikTok video.

Justin Jefferson Griddy

Justin Jefferson, the charismatic wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, has been a Griddy herald, propagating its essence far and wide, notably within the NFL’s touchdown celebration circles.

His dalliance with the Griddy commenced during his LSU tenure, and he’s carried the Griddy torch into his professional narrative.

His on-field Griddy renditions have amplified its popularity, and his tutorial shares have empowered countless enthusiasts to embrace the Griddy groove.

Hit the Griddy

“Hit the Griddy” has evolved into a celebratory rallying cry, a phrase that encapsulates the euphoria and rhythmic core of the dance. Whether on the football turf or at a casual backyard gathering, this phrase is an open invitation to bask in the joyous rhythm of the Griddy.

A Dance that Resonates

The Griddy has resonated well beyond the football domain due to its rhythmic ease and celebratory character. It’s a dance narrative that transcends the gridiron, capturing hearts whether they belong to athletes, cheering enthusiasts, or anyone with a rhythm in their soul and a bounce in their step.

Go Hit Your Griddy

The way the popularity of the griddy dance snowballed in just a few years is an ode to the cockiness of this rhythmic dance. With Griddy’s inclusion into popular culture and video games, it is safe to say we won’t be seeing any less of its graceful presence across sporting news channels and television screens.

Ready to hit your Griddy? Make sure you throw your-bs, yo.





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