Coronavirus Timeline: The Complete World-Wide History of COVID-19

COVID-19 Timeline

The trajectory of the spread of COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated since the first case was reported in Wuhan. Here is a complete timeline of the major updates: November 2019 November 17th – The First Case Confirmed Cases: 1Total Deaths: 0Hotspots: NoneKey Developments: The potential first case of coronavirus emerges in the Hubei province. The Potential …

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The History of Asbestos

The History of Asbestos 1

Asbestos is a highly versatile, strong, cheap, non-flammable malleable substance that has been used in building, textiles and construction for the last 2000 years.   Asbestos is also a highly toxic airborne fibrous substance that causes a number of different incurable cancers in humans that are exposed to it.  Asbestos is in many homes around …

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A Beautiful Mind: The History of the Treatment of Mental Illness

A Beautiful Mind: The History of the Treatment of Mental Illness 3

Asylums. Electro-Shock Therapy. Skull Drills. Pills. Exorcisms. Isolation. Lobotomies. Many of the drastic procedures that have been put in place to relieve a person with mental illness such as schizophrenia are only successful in creating ‘vegetables’ out of patients, not curing their illness but making them ghosts of their previous selves. Throughout history, there have …

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