Ancient War Gods and Goddesses: 8 Gods of War from Around the World

Ancient War Gods and Goddesses: 8 Gods of War from Around the World 1

War: What is it good for? Although the question has been tossed around for eons, there is no cookie-cutter answer. Certainties are thrown out the window. There is guarantee of surviving the next battle, of seeing a white flag wave, or of drinking from the victor’s cup; cold hard truths such as these have stirred …

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The 23 Most Important Aztec Gods and Goddesses

aztec gods

The Aztec empire, known back then as the Mexica, ruled central and southern Mexico for more than 250 years, between 1300 and 1541 AD. The empire brought together, through, trade, force, and tribute, countless different societies from the region of Mesoamerica, creating a melting pot of culture. How Many Gods Did the Aztecs Have? A …

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Adonis: The Greek God of Beauty and Desire


The name “Adonis” has long been associated with the idea of beauty and with Classical myth. His legend, however, starts long before our present conceptions of the ancient world. Phoenicia, a land roughly equivalent to modern-day Lebanon, was a farming community. Its people lived by the seasonal calendar, feeding themselves with the result of difficult …

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Roman Gods and Goddesses: The Names and Stories of 29 Ancient Roman Gods

Roman Gods

The Roman Empire believed its civilization was founded by the gods — but these deities weren’t buried in the past. The Romans felt their presence in everyday living, family life, faith, and politics. Even when something good or bad happened, they linked it to a certain god’s mood. This close relationship crafted a detailed mythology …

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