Quetzalcoatl: The Feathered Serpent Deity of Ancient Mesoamerica 


Are you still looking for a being that caused a solar eclipse? Well, look no further, because Quetzalcoatl is your guy. While at first a fully zoomorphic feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl would later be represented in his human form. The worship of Quetzalcoatl is wide-reaching, has a rich history, and exemplifies the complex world of Aztec …

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Aztec Mythology: Important Stories and Characters

aztec mythology

Aztec mythology is the collection of beliefs, stories, and religious practices of the Aztec civilization, one of the world’s most famous ancient civilizations. It is drenched in the cycle of destruction and rebirth, ideas borrowed from their Mesoamerican predecessors and delicately woven into the fabrics of their own legends. Whilst the mighty Aztec empire may …

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The 23 Most Important Aztec Gods and Goddesses

aztec gods

The Aztec empire, known back then as the Mexica, ruled central and southern Mexico for more than 250 years, between 1300 and 1541 AD. The empire brought together, through, trade, force, and tribute, countless different societies from the region of Mesoamerica, creating a melting pot of culture. How Many Gods Did the Aztecs Have? A …

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