The History of the Valentines Day Card

The History of the Valentines Day Card 2

Valentines Day has become a very big deal. Social Media is mostly to blame to the Valentines Day / Anti-Valentines Day explosion. These days, the day set aside for love and chocolates has become all about Facebook Posts and Instagram Bouquets and e-cards and e-harmony. But the truth is Valentines Day was all about the card.

But the truth is, Valentines Day was once all about the card.

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For hundreds of years, people simply sent cards, Valentines Day Cards, inspired by the very first valentines day card signed “your Valentine” by Saint Valentine in the 3rd century BC. The story of the Valentines day Card was not always about chocolates and roses, and candy and trips to the movies. It came from criminals, outlaws, imprisonment and beheadings.

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