The Picts: A Celtic Civilization That Resisted the Romans

the picts

The Picts were a civilization in ancient Scotland, notorious for their fierce resistance when the Romans arrived and decided to invade them. They’re famous for their body paint during battle. They turned out to be excellent Hollywood material since the people and their body paint have been reproduced in many famous movies. Perhaps most famously …

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What Caused World War 1? Political, Imperialistic, and Nationalistic Factors

What Caused World War 1

The causes of World War 1 were complex and multifaceted, involving political, economic, and social factors. One of the main causes of the war was the system of alliances that existed between European nations, which often required countries to take sides in conflicts and ultimately led to the escalation of tensions. Imperialism, the rise of …

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Bog Body: Mummified Corpses of the Iron Age

bog body

A bog body is a naturally mummified corpse found in peat bogs. Found throughout western and northern Europe, these remains are so well preserved that the people who discovered them mistook them for recent deaths. There are over a hundred such bodies and they are found scattered throughout Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the United …

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Who Invented the Toothbrush: William Addis’ Modern Toothbrush

who invented the toothbrush

The first modern toothbrush was designed by an Englishman named William Addis in 1780. It had a handle carved from cattle bone and bristles made from pig’s hair. However, this does not mean that humans did not clean their teeth before 1780. In fact, bristle toothbrushes had also existed long before William Addis. Who Invented …

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