Slavic Mythology: Gods, Legends, Characters, and Culture

Slavic mythology

Ancient Slavic mythology is a religion shrouded in mystery. After the Christian church rose to prominence in Slavic nations throughout the 7th and 12th centuries CE, much of the pagan faith was abandoned. The Slavic gods that once were the focal point of Slavic religion became forgotten, if not completely replaced by Christian saints. However, …

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9 Important Slavic Gods and Goddesses: Perun, Veles, Lada, and More!

slavic gods

From Perun and Veles to Stribog and Lada, Slavic mythology is rich with a variety of gods and goddesses, each associated with different aspects of life, nature, and human experience. Slavic gods represent balance. While there could be a god or goddess advocating for peace and good harvest, there may also be the harbingers of …

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