Pluto: The Roman God of the Underworld

pluto god

Some of you may know Pluto as a Disney character. But, did you know that the character was actually named after a dwarf planet in our solar system? And then again, did you know that the name of this dwarf planet was based on a god of ancient Greece and ancient Rome? Indeed, even Disney …

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Juno: the Roman Queen of the Gods and Goddesses

juno goddess

Protection is perhaps one of the most defining traits of what truly forges a well-respected deity.  With the throbs of power, charisma, flair, and countless tales to their name, a deity with such characteristics would have mastered the art of protection and defense. Of all the Roman gods and goddesses, Jupiter, the King of Gods, …

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Saturn: Roman God of Agriculture 


If you have read anything about Roman mythology and their gods, the chances are that you have heard of Saturn, most probably in connection with the festivals that were dedicated to the god of agriculture. Associated with agriculture, harvest, wealth, abundance, and time, Saturn was one of the most powerful gods of the archaic Romans.  …

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Jupiter: The Almighty God of Roman Mythology

Jupiter god

Looking over the Roman pantheon, one can’t help thinking the various gods all look . . . familiar. Their domains, abilities and relationships all seem suspiciously similar to those of many of the Greek deities, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Romans believed heavily in syncretic religion, or the blending of beliefs, deities, …

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Roman Gods and Goddesses: The Names and Stories of 29 Ancient Roman Gods

Roman Gods

The Roman Empire believed its civilization was founded by the gods — but these deities weren’t buried in the past. The Romans felt their presence in everyday living, family life, faith, and politics. Even when something good or bad happened, they linked it to a certain god’s mood. This close relationship crafted a detailed mythology …

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