Celtic Gods and Goddesses: Exploring the Pantheon and Mythology of the Ancient Celts

Celtic Gods

You’ve always wanted to stroll across the beautiful landscape of Ireland. To make sure that you don’t miss out on the best spots, you decide to make use of a local touring company.  Suddenly one appears before you. How strange that you didn’t notice this building before, but heck, the banner outside claims it’s five-star …

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41 Greek Gods and Goddesses: Family Tree and Fun Facts

Greek Gods and Goddesses

You’re Invited to Olympus Mall Where the Greek Gods Dwell and Sell Far away on Mount Olympus lives the… Well, the Olympians — the twelve most important Greek deities.  In ancient times, the 12 Olympian gods and goddesses and the rest of their family were an important part of daily Greek culture. Each god and …

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Norse Gods and Goddesses Pantheon: The Mythology of the Nordic Viking Deities

Norse Gods

Even today, hundreds of Icelanders worship the ancient Norse gods and goddesses. But who exactly were these deities?  The Norse pantheon is made up of many characters and is dominated by a complex story strung together by murky, often incomplete chapters. Indeed, at times we know the names of some Norse gods and goddesses but …

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