Nymphs: Magical Creatures of Ancient Greece


In Greek mythology, nymphs are supernatural, female nature spirits associated with various natural elements such as mountains, forests, rivers, and springs. They are often depicted as beautiful and youthful beings, and they play important roles in many myths and stories. There are several types of nymphs, each associated with different aspects of nature. Whilst they …

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Themis: Titan Goddess of Divine Law and Order

themis goddess

One of the original twelve Titan gods and goddesses of Greek mythology, Themis was the goddess of divine law and order. She was seen as the personification of justice and fairness, of wisdom and good counsel and she was portrayed with several symbols to signify her relationship with justice. She was also credited with oracular …

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Atlas: The Titan God Who Holds Up the Sky

atlas holding up the heavens

Atlas, straining under the celestial sphere, is a figure from the early Greek myth that many would recognize. The Greek god has a story that is often misunderstood and a history that includes golden sheep, pirates, and modern libertarians. From ancient Africa to modern America, the Greek Titan has always had relevance to society. What …

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Titanomachy: The War of The Gods


The Titanomachy was a series of battles between the great Titans and their Olympian children, which ran for ten years. The war was to set up Zeus and his siblings as the most powerful of gods, and most worthy of worship. What Does “Titanomachy” Mean? The “Titanomachy,” also known as the “War of the Titans” …

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Heracles: Ancient Greece’s Most Famous Hero


Heracles (or as he’s more commonly known by his Roman name, Hercules) is one of the mightiest heroes in Ancient Greece. Heracles survives in popular culture right into the modern age as the very symbol of superhuman strength – indeed, in the heyday of the traveling carnival it would be rare to find one whose …

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Theia: The Greek Goddess of Light 


Theia, sometimes written Thea, is one of the Greek Titanides. Theia is one of the twelve older generations of gods known as the Titans found in Greek mythology. Born from the primordial gods, the Titans were powerful beings who ruled long before the Olympians. Theia is the child of the earth goddess Gaia and the …

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