Sekhmet: Egypt’s Forgotten Esoteric Goddess


We are well aware of dualities existing in the world of mythology. Deities, heroes, animals, and other entities often fight against each other because they are representations of opposing qualities. However, have you ever come across a single deity, who is not the creator or primordial deity, and yet presides over opposing qualities? No, right? …

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Egyptian Cat Gods: Feline Deities of Ancient Egypt


Looking at a lineup of the Egyptian pantheon, you may feel like you’re being watched. Don’t make any sudden moves now! Just kidding, it’s nothing to worry about – that’s just the cat gods. Unless…you haven’t committed any crimes recently, have you?  Those are protective deities, you know. They don’t take kindly to wrong-doers. If …

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Set God: Lord of the Red Land


The gods of various ancient mythologies aren’t always positive figures. The gods of Greek mythology tended to be capricious at best, frequently engaging in petty jealousies and vendettas. While some Norse gods were benefactors of mankind, others were aloof and even predatory, such as Ran, the sea goddess of death. Such was also the case …

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Tefnut: Egyptian Goddess of Moisture and Rain


The ancient Egyptian religion is an amalgam of many different things. From the underworld to the granaries, Egyptian mythology contains a vibrant pantheon of gods that present themselves in half-animal, half-human forms.  You’ve heard of the best; Amun, Osiris, Isis, and of course, Ra, the big daddy of them all. These Egyptian gods and goddesses …

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Geb: Ancient Egyptian God of the Earth

Goddess geb

Geb is one of the most prominent gods of ancient Egypt. He is also known as Seb or Keb, depending on the interpretation. His name may roughly translate to “the lame one,” but he was one of ancient Egypt’s almighty god-kings.  Ancient Egyptians knew Geb as the earth, the origin of earthquakes, and the father …

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