Horus: God of the Sky in Ancient Egypt

horus falcon god

The Eye of Horus is something that is a widely used symbol. But, not everybody might know that it actually relates to an ancient Egyptian myth. Indeed, it represents a vital part of Egypt’s history. A history that surrounds a god that would later be seen as the Egyptian form of the Greek god Apollo.  …

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Atum: The Egyptian Father the of Gods

Atum god

Death is a phenomenon that is surrounded by different rituals and ceremonies in any given culture. Some see a dead person as the definite ending to that person, claiming that somebody ‘passes away’.  On the other hand, some cultures don’t see somebody ‘pass away’ when they are considered dead, but somebody rather ‘passes on’. Either …

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Bastet: Ancient Egypts Most Important Cat Goddess


One of the most popular domestic cat species is the Serengti cat. Despite being a domestic cat breed, they might actually represent something much bigger. Their pointed ears, long bodies, and patterns on their coats resemble a lot the cats that were worshiped in ancient Egypt. Okay, really any cat was seen as an important …

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Anubis: The Jackal God of Ancient Egypt


Among the pantheon of Ancient Egypt are only a few gods that are instantly recognizable. The god of the dead, Anubis, is one of them. A major character in the Osiris myth, the progenitor of the mummification ritual, and an image featured in most ancient tombs of Egypt, Anubis has been front and center for …

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Ptah: Egypt’s God of Crafts and Creation


The gods of Ancient Egypt number in the hundreds. Born from separate regions – from the Nile Delta to the Nubian mountains, from the Western Desert to the banks of the Red Sea – this panoply of gods was gathered together into a unified mythology even as the regions that spawned them were united into …

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