Sekhmet: Egypt’s Forgotten Esoteric Goddess


Sekhmet is the Egyptian goddess of fire, hunting, wild animals, death, war, violence, retribution, justice, magic, heaven and hell, plague, chaos, the desert/mid-day sun, and medicine and healing – Egypt’s most peculiar goddess. Who is Sekhmet? Sekhmet is a powerful and unique therianthropic (part-animal, part human-like) mother goddess from ancient Egypt. Her name literally means …

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Egyptian Cat Gods: Feline Deities of Ancient Egypt


Looking at a lineup of the Egyptian pantheon, you may feel like you’re being watched. Don’t make any sudden moves now! Just kidding, it’s nothing to worry about – that’s just the cat gods. Unless…you haven’t committed any crimes recently, have you?  Those are protective deities, you know. They don’t take kindly to wrong-doers. If …

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Set God: Lord of the Red Land


The gods of various ancient mythologies aren’t always positive figures. The gods of Greek mythology tended to be capricious at best, frequently engaging in petty jealousies and vendettas. While some Norse gods were benefactors of mankind, others were aloof and even predatory, such as Ran, the sea goddess of death. Such was also the case …

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Tefnut: Egyptian Goddess of Moisture and Rain


Tefnut is an ancient Egyptian goddess associated with moisture, rain, and water. She is part of the Heliopolitan Ennead, a group of nine deities worshipped primarily in the ancient city of Heliopolis. Tefnut is usually depicted as a woman with the head of a lioness. She is considered one of the primordial deities and is …

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