How Did Napoleon Die: Stomach Cancer, Poison, or Something Else?

how did napoleon die

Napoleon died of stomach cancer, but there were still many conspiracy theories and controversies surrounding the handling of his body after his death. While today’s historians do not believe he was poisoned, they still have much to learn about the circumstances of the emperor’s health in his final days. How Did Napoleon Die? Napoleon most …

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Les Sans-Culottes: Marat’s Heart and Soul of the French Revolution


The sans-culottes, the name for the commoners that fought against the monarchy during the rebellion, were arguably the heart and soul of the French Revolution.  With their name derived from their choice in apparel — loose fitting pantaloons, wooden shoes, and red liberty caps — the sans-culottes were workers, artisans, and shopkeepers; patriotic, uncompromising, egalitarian, …

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