Constantine the Great: Who Was Constantine and What Did He Accomplish?

constantine the great

Constantine the Great, born in Naissus, Upper Moesia, around 27 February AD 272 or 273, was a Roman emperor. He was the son of Helena, who was an innkeeper’s daughter, and Constantius Chlorus. The exact details of his parents’ marital status are uncertain, leading to the possibility that Constantine might have been an illegitimate child. …

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Constantinople: The History and Importance of the Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire


Constantinople was the largest and wealthiest city of the Middle Ages and one of the few remnants of the once all-encompassing Roman Empire. It ruled the Golden Horn, a natural estuary connected to the Bosphorus Strait in modern Turkey, where it thrived on trade. Early History of Byzantium and Constantinople Byzantium – the future Constantinople …

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