Set God: Lord of the Red Land


The gods of various ancient mythologies aren’t always positive figures. The gods of Greek mythology tended to be capricious at best, frequently engaging in petty jealousies and vendettas. While some Norse gods were benefactors of mankind, others were aloof and even predatory, such as Ran, the sea goddess of death. Such was also the case …

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Eostre: The Mystery Goddess Who Gave Easter Its Name

Eostre goddess

Eostre, also called Ostara or Eastre, is a Germanic goddess associated with spring and the dawn. She is particularly known in Anglo-Saxon and Old High German traditions and is believed to be the namesake for the Christian holiday of Easter. Notably, there is limited historical information about Eostre, and much of what is known comes …

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Njord: The Norse God of Ships and Bounty

Njord god

Njord is the Norse god of the sea, wind, and wealth in Norse mythology. Njord is considered one of the Vanir gods. Njord’s dominion is primarily over the sea and the winds. He is often invoked by sailors and fishermen to ensure safe voyages and good catches. Njord is also associated with wealth and prosperity, …

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How Long Have Humans Existed?

How Long Have Humans Existed

Modern humans, scientifically known as Homo sapiens, have existed for approximately 300,000 years. The earliest fossils and archaeological evidence of anatomically modern humans date back to around 300,000 years ago in Africa. But the history of hominids dates back much further, with various hominid species evolving over millions of years. How Long Have Humans Existed? …

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