Cave Paintings: The Art of the Ancients in Europe, Africa, Asia, and More!

cave paintings

Cave paintings are prehistoric paintings and drawings that were created on cave walls and ceilings, some of which date back to as early as 40,000 years ago. These paintings are found in caves all over the world, although the most famous examples are located in France and Spain. Collectively called parietal art (from the Latin …

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Valkyries: Choosers of the Slain


Valkyries are powerful female mythical beings from Norse mythology. They were considered handmaidens of Odin, the All-Father and chief god in Norse mythology. Valkyries were often depicted as fierce and beautiful women, often riding winged horses and wearing armor. They were skilled warriors in their own right, and some stories suggest they would also join …

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Sif: The Golden-Haired Goddess of the Norse

goddess sif

Though the Norse pantheon is vast, many of its members remain somewhat obscure. Norse myths were transferred orally in the pre-Christian era, and in those centuries before the written word, stories and their characters tended to be lost, changed, or supplanted by something that came later. So, while names like Odin or Loki are familiar …

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