The Hesperides: Greek Nymphs of the Golden Apples


In Greek mythology, Hesperides are the magic of the sunset. As goddess-nymphs of the evening, the golden light, and sunsets, the Hesperides protected the beauty of the evening while being parented and supported by some of the most powerful Greek gods and goddesses and mythological creatures. They are also known for their gardens and keeping …

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Amun: The Hidden King Of Gods In Ancient Egypt

amun egyptian god

Amun, also called Ammon, is an ancient Egyptian god who played a significant role in Egyptian mythology and religion. He was originally a local deity worshiped in the city of Thebes, but his importance grew over time, and he eventually became one of the most powerful and widely venerated gods in ancient Egypt.   Who …

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Horus: God of the Sky in Ancient Egypt

horus god

Horus is one of the most significant and ancient deities in Egyptian mythology. He is often depicted as a falcon-headed god and is associated with the sky, kingship, protection, and the sun. The mythology of Horus is complex and it evolved over time, with different forms and aspects of the god being worshiped in various …

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Atum: The Egyptian Father the of Gods

atum god

Atum is an important Egyptian god, often considered to be the creator god responsible for bringing the world into existence. He is considered to be the primeval deity who emerged from the chaos of the primordial waters of Nun. It was believed that Atum created himself and then created the world through his divine will. …

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