Hermes: Messenger of The Greek Gods

Hermes Greek messenger god

Hermes, son of Zeus, wearer of winged sandals, was one of the most important and most referred to of the Olympian gods. He was the protector of the baby Dionysus, ran messages from the underworld, and was the trickster god who gave Pandora her famous box.  Among the ancient Greeks, Hermes was revered. Some of …

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Dionysus: Greek God of Wine and Fertility

Dionysus Greek god of fertility

Dionysus is of of the most popular ancient Greek gods and goddesses, both today and in ancient times. We associate him with wine, theater, and “the bacchanalia,” aka rich Roman orgies. In academic circles, the role he played in Greek mythology was complex and sometimes contradictory, but his followers played crucial roles in the evolution …

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