Lamia: Man-Eating Shapeshifter of Greek Mythology


Lamia was a shapeshifting monster that devoured children in Greek mythology. Described as a half-woman, half-monster, Lamia roamed the countryside in search of her next meal. The name Lamia likely is derived from the Greek word laimios, meaning esophagus. Thus, Lamia’s name hints at her tendency to devour children whole. Like many supernatural dangers that …

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Centaurs: Half-Horse Men of Greek Mythology

Centaurs greek mythology

A centaur is a mythological creature belonging to Greek mythology. They are an infamous bunch with a reputation that precedes them, who apparently value good wine and worldly pleasures above all else. For a creature that is as notorious as the centaur, it is no wonder that their progenitor is described by Pindar as an …

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Achilles: Tragic Hero of the Trojan War

Achilles greek mythology

Achilles is a great hero from ancient Greece, but there is more to this soldier than a pretty face and a mean right hook. As a hero, Achilles symbolized both mankind’s excellence and its extreme vulnerability. The Greeks of eld venerated this man: the bravest, most handsome, toughest of the Achaean forces. However, his sensitivity …

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