The Story of Pegasus: More than a Winged Horse

Pegasus winged horse

An immortal winged horse with the name Pegasus is still widely known today. From popular games like Assassin’s Creed, to television shows like Yu-Gi-Oh!, to several Marvel movies, the winged horse is a widely used creature that speaks to the imagination. But, not many people might be aware of the fact that Pegasus has a …

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Harpies: Storm Spirits and Winged Women


Today, the Harpy is thought to be one of the most disgusting monsters that has emerged from Greek mythology. Their name meant ‘snatchers’ for their role in taking things away from mortals on behalf of other Greek gods.  If that wasn’t enough of an indication as to the nature of the Harpies, Greek myths paint …

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Scylla and Charybdis: Terror on the High Seas

Scylla and Charybdis

Scylla and Charybdis were two of the worst things one could encounter on a ship. They are both formidable sea monsters, known for their residency in a suspiciously narrow strait.  Whereas Scylla has an appetite for man’s flesh and Charybdis is a one-way ticket to the sea floor, it is clear that neither of these …

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Killing the Nemean Lion: Heracles’ First Labor

Nemean lion

A lion signifies many things across a wide variety of cultures. In Chinese religion, for example, the lion is believed to have powerful mythic protective benefits. In Buddhism, the lion is a symbol of strength and protection; a protector of the Buddha. In fact, the great importance of lions can be traced back to at …

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Tyche: The Greek Goddess of Chance

Tyche goddess

Human beings have always believed in and indeed relied on the thought of luck or chance. However, this is also a two-sided coin. It has been a terrifying prospect to most people throughout history, the idea that they might not be in full control of their destinies and that some unforeseen circumstance could quite easily …

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Cetus: A Greek Astronomical Sea Monster

Cetus feature

The shere depth and width of the oceans that are found on our planet make them fascinating, mysterious, or even scary places to think about. In case you were wondering, the human species hasn’t even explored about 80 percent of the oceans on our planet. Some might wonder why we make expeditions to Mars while …

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