The Palace of Versaille from the air.

Image of Versaille circa 1668, by Pierre Patel, Image from Versaille 3D



Gates of Honour 2015, Image from Shunya Diaries

Gates of Honour, 1722 by Denis Martin

Le Bassin d’Apollon 1640-1695 by Adam Perelle, Image from The Met

Apollo fountain 2011, Image from Zero Gravity Design

Hall of Battles 1837 by François-Joseph Heim. Image from Wikipedia

The Battles Gallery in Versailles Palace 2001, Image from Marc Maison

View of the Royal Opera of Versailles for the performance of Athalie by Racine on 23 May 1770, Image from Versaille 3D

Royal Opera Versaille, Present Day, Image from Theatre Architecture

Written by Meghan